Chat’ with us about your porn addiction!

As with every addiction, it’s liberating to talk about it. So come and have a chat with us: we won’t judge you, and we’ll guarantee your anonymity!

Talking to someone allows you to feel listened to in your suffering, find a compassionate ear to confide the difficulties you’re having, break the chains of solitude, and hope in finding a bit of humanity and solidarity.

On this website we offer a live chat, person to person, respecting the strictest confidentiality. Discussions are held in complete anonymity – you are invited only to give us your first name, and only if you feel comfortable with this.

The people you’ll be talking to are not psychologists (read: Who are we?) but simply volunteers, offering some of their time to listen to you, freely, and to sympathise with your situation.

They aren’t here to judge you, or make you feel guilty, and won’t ask for anything in return. On the contrary, they may offer to pray for you, either alone, using Carlo Acutis’ prayer, or if you prefer, directly with you through your screen. God is listening and he’ll be quick to answer your prayers!

And you, what do you think? We are here for you, come and talk with us using the live chat’ (free and anonymous listening service) :Going further: