Liberated from pornography by Carlo Acutis

Liberated from pornography by Carlo Acutis On the 25th of June, last year, Agathe gave us her testimony using the chat’ on SOSPorn: “when we’re stuck in it, we’re so powerless… it’s a turning cogwheel from which it’s so difficult to get out.” She explained to us how she managed to fight her addiction and


François’s recovery from a 25-year porn addiction.

After suffering from a porn addiction for 25 years, François was suddenly cured! It was quite simple. It was August 2021. A guest at a dinner party talked about SOSporn.org and how people had been cured from their addiction to pornography through the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis. A priest who was there made a


Regis: “God delivered me from my addiction to masturbation!”

Testimony: God delivered me from an addiction to masturbation that started in my teens. An addiction to masturbation linked to deep suffering This addiction was linked to deep emotional pain. And I felt even worse because I longed for something else – to follow Christ with my whole being and my whole life. There were


Jessica Hariss : “I was a porn addict” (video)

Jessica Hariss was a porn addict : her testimony! Do women struggle with porn too? Author and ex-porn addict Jessica Harris says women can succumb to a porn addiction just as easily as men do. She also warns parents: it’s not a matter of if your child will be exposed to porn, but when. Jessica


Gwenaëlle: Freed from pornography

Gwenaëlle was freed from pornography and gives us her testimony and her story. Between life and death, the choice was liberating. Her story She was first exposed to pornographic images and videos at the age of 12, when she was doing research online. By mistyping a name, she found herself in front of images and


“How and why, I stopped masturbating”

“How and why, I stopped masturbating” Noemie tells of her combat: masturbation. She talks about her battle and how she managed to get over it. Noemie is a young woman who decided to give her life to Jesus in 2015. When she was 19yrs old, she was delivered from masturbation. Three years later she gives


Edgar’s testimony: “what if marriage could resolve my problem?”

Edgar’s testimony: “what if marriage could resolve my problem?” Here is Edgar’s testimony, liberated from pornography and masturbation thanks to the french therapy Coeur Hackeur. Edgar, 33yrs old, was accompanied by Tanguy for 5 months. He was addicted to masturbating and to pornography, and had been so since his adolescence. How it began During adolescence,


“It’s possible to stop using porn”

Possible to stop using porn? Marcelin*, 27yrs old, gave this testimony to us directly. He managed to break out of a ten-year pornography addiction thanks to the program Free to Love. « It’s possible to stop » I think what we’re all waiting for, us, the people marked by the red iron of addiction to

Prière de délivrance

“Jesus delivered me from porn”

Delivered from porn !?? From a very young age I resorted to masturbation, my thoughts were orientated towards sex and it even stopped me from concentrating at school. It grew to take enormous proportions, the older I got. During adolescence, I read a book written by Billy Graham, addressing the problems encountered in youth, and