Jessica Hariss : “I was a porn addict” (video)

Jessica Hariss was a porn addict : her testimony! Do women struggle with porn too? Author and ex-porn addict Jessica Harris says women can succumb to a porn addiction just as easily as men do. She also warns parents: it’s not a matter of if your child will be exposed to porn, but when. Jessica

Carlo Acutis's mother

Carlo Acutis’s mother sends you a message!

A delegation of our association Lights in the Dark, went to Assisi for the beatification of Carlo Acutis. A meeting was planned with his mother, but what was not foreseen was that she proposed to deliver a video message to you! Discover Carlo Acutis’s mother message.   Carlo Acutis’s mother message : The problem is


Ran Gavrieli: “Why I stopped watching porn”

Why I stopped watching porn… and how, in doing so, I stopped contributing to the ugly sex industry. Speech given at a TED event in Jaffa by Ran Gavrieli, a speaker specializing in “safe sex” topics. Viewed over 21 million times on Youtube! Beware, he does not go into detail and some of his words


The pope invites you to be liberated from your addiction

In a video, the pope invites you to liberate yourself from addiction, and be helped, cared for and healed from the suffering linked to it. Video of Pope Francis, April 4th 2020 We pray that those suffering from addiction may be properly helped and accompanied. Here are his words: “The problem of what are called