Carlo Acutis's mother

Carlo Acutis’s mother sends you a message!

A delegation of our association Lights in the Dark, went to Assisi for the beatification of Carlo Acutis. A meeting was planned with his mother, but what was not foreseen was that she proposed to deliver a video message to you! Discover Carlo Acutis’s mother message.


Carlo Acutis’s mother message :

The problem is that today, many young people visit pornographic sites. Internet can be a great tool but also be a bad one. Pornography is a plague and it attack people on charity.

It uses people and leads them to have wrong behaviour towards them. Pornography creates problems to young people : problems with their faith, their charity and their affectivity. it is really a bad thing.

Carlo used to warn his friends against pornography. When he died, the diocesan cause took his computer. They have never find a pornographic site on all his browsing history. He was truly pure and purity was very important to him, it meant a lot.

The Virgin Mary insisted a lot on this. When she appeared in Fatima, she said that many souls go to hell for the sin of the flesh. It is very dangerous for your soul !

So it is very important to go to the confession as soon as you fail. If it is to difficult to you, you can go to the confession every day and ask help from heaven. The evil is using this to destroy family, young people. It is truly an attack against charity, faith, hope and all virtues, it is one of his favorite tools.

I like your association which helps young people and all people who are victims of these addictions, it is like a drug. You know, studies show that it creates brain synapses equal to those created by cocaïne… This is really incredible !

I will really pray for your association and for all the people you will help.

Do you too want to receive help from heaven to get rid of this addiction? We are here to pray with you and ask Carlo Acutis for his intercession:

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