Stop watching porn

Getting out of porn? Some quick tips!

You want to get out of porn ? Here are some quick and practical tips to quit your addiction !

How to stop watching porn: 10 techniques

How to stop watching porn: 10 techniques!

Prayer for deliverance from porn addiction, what good can it do?

Some people may doubt in it: so prayer for deliverance from porn, does it really work?


Porn: What’s the problem?

Pornography is attractive, degrades women, but what else?

What’s wrong with looking at pornography?

“It’s not like you are getting a girl pregnant or spreading STDs”

What are the consequences of porn on your health?

We can’t lie to ourselves: the consequences of porn on our mental and physical health are both numerous and serious…

How does porn effect society?

Porn = sexual impairment, perversion of human relationships, slavery of individuals, destruction of the couple and the family

What does pornography do to marriages?

To be blunt, pornography is the perfect way to shoot your future marriage in the head.

What does pornography do to women?

Since it trains men to think of women as objects to be used instead of persons to be loved, guys speak of them as objects and treat them as objects.

Ten pitfalls of porn

Did you know? Porn has at least ten traps extremely difficult to get out of… a good reason to watch out for them, to avoid falling in!


What’s wrong with masturbation?

Masturbation, is it bad? What’s wrong with doing it?

Masturbation, what’s the problem?

Last night, Văn Sinh N. left us this message on the contact page of SOSPorn…

Porn and masturbation, the same battle?

Porn and masturbation, are they the same battle? How can we wage this war?

Hom to stop masturbating? 8 ways to break out of it!

Stop masturbating? If you are already in the habit of it, you’re probably finding it pretty hard to stop: addiction can take hold very quickly!


Jessica Hariss : “I was a porn addict” (video)

Do women struggle with porn too? Author and ex-porn addict Jessica Harris says women can succumb to a porn addiction just as easily as men do.

Gavrieli: “Why I stopped watching porn” (video)

Speech given at a TED event in Jaffa by Ran Gavrieli, a speaker specializing in “safe sex” topics. Viewed over 21 million times on Youtube!

“It’s possible to stop using porn”

Possible to stop using porn? Marcelin, 27yrs old, gave this testimony to us directly.

Liberated from pornography by Carlo Acutis

On the 25th of June, last year, Agathe gave us her testimony using the chat’ on SOSPorn: “when we’re stuck in it, we’re so powerless…

François’s recovery from a 25-year porn addiction.

After suffering from a porn addiction for 25 years, François was suddenly cured!

“My husband was miraculously cured through Carlo Acutis thanks to SOS Porn!”

A miraculous cure through Carlo Acutis. The heartbreaking testimony of a wife and mother who discovered that her husband was addicted to porn, and how he broke free from it.

“Christ delivered me from my pornography addiction”

Trapped in a pornography addiction, Mary-Magdalene was suffering, until the day she opened her Bible and cried out to God to deliver her from it.

“How and why, I stopped masturbating”

Noemie tells of her combat: masturbation. She talks about her battle and how she managed to get over it.

Joseph, ex-porn addict: “One day, I thought to myself: you’re not happy!”

During adolescence, Joseph fell into addictions little by little, video games, pornography…

Gwenaëlle: Freed from pornography

Gwenaëlle was freed from pornography and gives us her testimony and her story. Between life and death, the choice was liberating.

Edgar’s testimony: “what if marriage could resolve my problem?”

Here is Edgar’s testimony, liberated from pornography and masturbation.

“I was a porn addict, prayer healed me!”

Etienne gives his amazing testimony, healed from pornography addiction… through a prayer!

Prière de délivrance

“Jesus delivered me from porn”

From a very young age I resorted to masturbation, my thoughts were orientated towards sex and it even stopped me from concentrating at school…

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