“I was a porn addict, prayer healed me!”

Etienne gives his amazing testimony, healed from pornography addiction… through a prayer! I fell into the torments of pornography during adolescence. One day, rifling through my parents’ stuff, I found pornography and erotic magazines. These images had a weird effect on me: I was shocked by them but they excited my curiosity, they provided material


Ran Gavrieli: “Why I stopped watching porn”

Why I stopped watching porn… and how, in doing so, I stopped contributing to the ugly sex industry. Speech given at a TED event in Jaffa by Ran Gavrieli, a speaker specializing in “safe sex” topics. Viewed over 21 million times on Youtube! Beware, he does not go into detail and some of his words


“Hope in mercy helped me get out of my addiction”

The testimony of Pierre, former pornography addict “And us sinners, we put our hope in your inexhaustible mercy.” For me, this phrase illustrates the face of hope which is an attitude of trust in God, an attitude of trust in the mercy of God, a God who is love, tenderness and compassion. He didn’t come