“Hope in mercy helped me get out of my addiction”

The testimony of Pierre, former pornography addict

“And us sinners, we put our hope in your inexhaustible mercy.”

For me, this phrase illustrates the face of hope which is an attitude of trust in God, an attitude of trust in the mercy of God, a God who is love, tenderness and compassion. He didn’t come to call the just, but the sinners. For me, hope, is not leaning only on our own strength but counting on the mercy of God, to move forward, walking in his footsteps.

When sometimes we get frustrated, falling at the same sins, seeing our capacity to love is so small, we must entrust ourselves to God’s mercy, because I believe that’s what he’s waiting for us to do. That we might entrust ourselves to him, that we might ask his help to grow in love.

For me, hope is to walk the path, not just relying on our own strength but putting our hope in God’s mercy.

Sharing my experience with you, I give you my testimony:

I was in high school, I was a pornography addict and little by little, when I realised that everything I saw, the things I was watching, weren’t good for my heart, for my vision of things, or for my relationship with others, I wanted to stop. But in fact, I began to realise I was deeply anchored into an addiction and I wouldn’t be able to stop using only my own strength. One day, I decided to go to confession, to give everything to the Lord and that day, I truly experienced God’s mercy in my life.

I experienced this God who didn’t judge but rejoiced to see his son asking for help. That day, I really experienced a freedom and a deep joy. It wasn’t magic because things were deeply rooted in me and by the end of one month I had fallen again. But I had this experience of mercy and I chose to put my hope in this mercy. I chose to come back and go to confession again, to entrust myself to the Lord and rely even more heavily on his Love. As time went by, every time I presented myself to God, he came and broke more of my chains until one day they fell off completely.

Do you too want to receive help from heaven to get rid of this addiction? We are here to pray with you and ask Carlo Acutis for his intercession:

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