Prayers to Saint Joseph to obtain purity

This is the day we celebrate him: here are 5 prayers to Saint Joseph, to ask him for purity and healing from an addiction to pornography.   Prière pour obtenir la pureté de cœur, d’esprit et de corps (Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux) Saint Joseph, father and guardian of virgins, to whose faithful keeping Christ Jesus,


Liberated from pornography by Carlo Acutis

Liberated from pornography by Carlo Acutis On the 25th of June, last year, Agathe gave us her testimony using the chat’ on SOSPorn: “when we’re stuck in it, we’re so powerless… it’s a turning cogwheel from which it’s so difficult to get out.” She explained to us how she managed to fight her addiction and


7 ways porn affects you

7 ways porn affects you The dangers of porn are all too little known by the general public, that’s why we can find ourselves stuck in a hellish and vicious cycle. Here are the top 7 ways in which porn affects you and your life. PORN, what does it do to you? In the moment,


Porn deconstructs sexuality and empties it from the inside

Porn is everywhere. Now that it’s often trivialised, it forces its stereotypes on the youth, or those even younger than that. However, instead of enabling access to a varied sexuality, pornography imprisons the individual in simplistic models, depriving them of the richness of their own fantasies. As philosopher Michela Marzano states in her work ‘Alice


How to stop watching porn: 10 techniques

How to stop watching porn: 10 techniques Top 10 unfailing techniques to stop using porn. “Just stop watching it!” someone has undoubtedly said this to you before, or maybe you often repeat it to yourself. As if it were simply a question of deciding… To stop watching porn is of course a choice. But it


Is porn true sexuality?

Have you smiled today? What if true sexuality wasn’t porn but a unifying relationship which makes you happy? Good question. What is Porn?  Pornography is “the brutal representation of manifestations of a sexual nature, with the deliberate intention of provoking sexual excitement in a destined audience”. Sexual excitement is just a fragment of our sexuality.


Why do i keep falling, in spite of all the efforts I make?

Why do i keep falling, in spite of all the efforts I make to get ouf of porn ?   Is this a question you’ve asked yourself before? You make all these efforts to stop using porn but it doesn’t work? It’s important to first identify why you’re relapsing and then you can be savvy


“I feel guilty, how do I break the cycle of guilt?”

“I feel guilty, how do I break the cycle of guilt?” Being imprisoned in pornography can lead us to feel guilty, we are torn between the immediate artificial pleasure brought by looking at pictures, and the awkwardness of a broken chord somewhere, feeling that something is being damaged within us. We would like to give