François’s recovery from a 25-year porn addiction.

After suffering from a porn addiction for 25 years, François was suddenly cured! It was quite simple. It was August 2021. A guest at a dinner party talked about SOSporn.org and how people had been cured from their addiction to pornography through the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis. A priest who was there made a


Regis: “God delivered me from my addiction to masturbation!”

Testimony: God delivered me from an addiction to masturbation that started in my teens. An addiction to masturbation linked to deep suffering This addiction was linked to deep emotional pain. And I felt even worse because I longed for something else – to follow Christ with my whole being and my whole life. There were


What’s your view on mutual masturbation?

What’s your view on mutual masturbation? Mutual masturbation is making your partner climax without penetration. Is it really healthy? Let’s ask ourselves the following question: what do we want to experience? Do we want to establish a dynamic of giving and receiving, or one of taking, grasping, possessing the other, watching the other climax? Do


How to rediscover your unity and freedom in 10 steps?

How to rediscover your unity and freedom in 10 steps? Here is an extract from the book ‘Delivered’ by Tanguy Lafforgue, helping you rediscover unity and freedom in 10 steps Addiction has consequences on every dimension of your person. Therefore, only an overarching strategy, relying on a general overview is what will help break the


Watching porn, what does it do to you?

Watching porn, what does it do to you? Watching porn, pornographic pictures or porn videos, distorts your vision and renders you incapable of having a normal relationship, with neither men nor women. It destroys love. In fact, surreptitiously, through watching porn day after day, we start considering woman or man as an object for consumption,


Addiction to porn, sign of pschological distress?

Addiction to porn, sign of pschological distress? Addiction to pornography or to masturbating regularly, even if your partner seems to ignore it, has an effect on the trust within a relationship. Shame, breaking the rules, or sinning, the subject is taboo. How can we address it differently? How do we talk about it, in all


Dos porn make it harder to meet people?

Dos porn make it harder to meet people? Porn doesn’t completely block an encounter with someone else, but it does lower the chances of a having a sincere exchange. Here, we’ll explain why. Porn is time-consuming Porn use is aimed at producing the pleasure to satisfy urges which are more often than not the result


Why do we need to educate ourselves about sexuality and Feelings?

We follow training and courses in so many different areas, but at school, sexuality is very often limited to its biological aspect, topped-up with a dose of civil education, and remains far from even a preliminary introduction to emotions and their role in it. Separating feelings from sexuality? A good idea? By focussing only on


Managing your sexuality: how and why?

Managing your sexuality is a key element to living your emotional life to the full. Every man and woman on this Earth has experienced the interior and intimate “force” called sexuality. A vital force which during certain moments of our life is incredibly powerful, like during adolescence, and at other times is weak, like during


Gwenaëlle: Freed from pornography

Gwenaëlle was freed from pornography and gives us her testimony and her story. Between life and death, the choice was liberating. Her story She was first exposed to pornographic images and videos at the age of 12, when she was doing research online. By mistyping a name, she found herself in front of images and