Why do we need to educate ourselves about sexuality and Feelings?

We follow training and courses in so many different areas, but at school, sexuality is very often limited to its biological aspect, topped-up with a dose of civil education, and remains far from even a preliminary introduction to emotions and their role in it.

  • Separating feelings from sexuality? A good idea?

By focussing only on the biological and pleasurable aspect of sexuality, we run the risk, in the first instance, of passing by something important, and secondly, emotionally hurting the people we meet. This means that what our body does, affects what’s on the inside, and vice versa. When we refer to the inside we mean the soul, for Christians, or more simply, the heart, feelings, spirit, psychology. It’s a case that no longer needs to be made, as doctors have now made a link between the unhappiness of a person and physical symptoms in the body.

  • Set out in life without baggage

Not learning the rules of emotional bonding and sexuality is like setting off in life with baggage. It obliges us to learn things through experience, which carries its own risk of hurting people or getting hurt, getting caught in hidden traps, and suffering bad emotional surprises. All this in an increasingly egotistical world, which really doesn’t make the learning process easier.

  • Choose your friends carefully

To deepen your understanding of sexuality and feelings involves choosing your companions on the road of life. This idea isn’t really spoken about very much anymore, but there are good and bad influences, especially when spending time close to people who are immature because they’re uninformed on these subjects. Without having at least an initial theoretical understanding, it’s hard to discern and differentiate between them.

  • Sexuality to the detriment of emotions?

Lifestyles of today promote a form of unbridled sexuality. Look around you, it’s not clear this approach enables you to be emotionally fulfilled, what do you think? Being formed in the domain of your emotional life allows you to better nurture love, in the romantic sense, but also within friendships. It raises the chances of succeeding in this area, but of course we can never guarantee a 100% success rate when it involves human lives. Sexuality is not simply to enjoy, but it’s also to show the other person that we love them. Why show them you love them if you don’t love them, and you really just want pleasure instead? Is this situation completely clear for the other person, deep down?

  • We’ve only got one life

With only one life on Earth, all the more reason to arm yourself to do things well. We invest so much in professional success, spending years studying for it, but what does it mean in terms of personal success? Better to put the right tools in your hand to achieve success in life, than learning from failure after years of marriage and children who’ll suffer the consequences. Of course, despite the failings of each of us in our lives, it always remains possible to turn, in prayer, to Jesus for help. But as we say; better prevention than a cure.

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