Managing your sexuality: how and why?

Managing your sexuality is a key element to living your emotional life to the full.

Every man and woman on this Earth has experienced the interior and intimate “force” called sexuality. A vital force which during certain moments of our life is incredibly powerful, like during adolescence, and at other times is weak, like during depression. Let’s learn a bit more about it.

Sexuality is not just sex!

Sexuality, as we might believe, is not linked exclusively to “sexual relations”, in and of themselves. It touches all that I am: body, mind, soul. Our sexuality expresses the beings that we are, in their masculinity and femininity. I’m not just a body that moves, I am a mind that thinks and reasons, and a spirit also, which animates and desires. Sexuality embraces each of these aspects.

Our body is not an object

The unity that exists between the spiritual and material components of the human person means that the way we manage our bodies has consequences on the spiritual part of us. If I « use » my body only as an instrument for pleasure, I will quickly see that in my soul there grows anxiety and a sense of emptiness. With time, I risk becoming a slave to my urges and will begin to live a sort of “schizophrenia”, a division within myself, between the emotional part and the sensory part. This will create a desert in me, and can even diminish my experience of pleasure.

Advice for managing your sexuality

We need to learn how to manage our sexuality, especially when our happiness is at stake. But how do we do this?

Firstly, in recognising the intimate connection between the interior and exterior expressions of myself; what I do with my body, can it hurt my mind?

Secondly, solitude and frustration are often things which encourage a “disordered” sexuality. We must train ourselves to build sincere and profound relationships with others.

Thirdly, by recognising the sacredness of our being, in respecting what I am, and what the other is.

Sexuality is a manifestation of love.

A well-managed sexuality fortifies our capacity to love, of respecting others, of giving value to each gesture expressing my masculine or feminine being. My sexuality will manifest itself through progressive steps; where every day I can learn to give myself to others and not ‘take advantage’ of them, or myself.

To learn how to manage your sexuality, you can turn towards specialists in the field, who will help you understand what true sexuality is and help you discover a new way of seeing your deepest nature.

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