“How and why, I stopped masturbating”

“How and why, I stopped masturbating” Noemie tells of her combat: masturbation. She talks about her battle and how she managed to get over it. Noemie is a young woman who decided to give her life to Jesus in 2015. When she was 19yrs old, she was delivered from masturbation. Three years later she gives

handle urges

Handle my urges? It’s impossible !

Impossible ? No, difficult probably ! That’s why you clicked on this article. It depends on each person, their life path and their physical, moral and spiritual capacities. So there is no need to compare yourself to others, you are unique, and you don’t see other people when they are alone at home facing their


Is masturbation harmful?

We often hear that masturbation is good for the human body, but certain people say it’s harmful, so what’s the truth? Reconditioned stimulus Despite what numerous contemporary sexologists are saying, everything points to masturbation being detrimental for men, just as for women, and now it’s even been proven scientifically. If you’ve ever followed a psychology


What’s wrong with masturbation?

What’s wrong with masturbation? Masturbation, is it bad? What’s wrong with doing it? Isn’t it getting rid of temptations without dragging anyone else into sin? Masturbation doesn’t “get rid of” temptations, any more than prostitution does. Both provide a temporary satisfaction of sexual desires; but our objective as Christians is not simply to eliminate lust,


Edgar’s testimony: “what if marriage could resolve my problem?”

Edgar’s testimony: “what if marriage could resolve my problem?” Here is Edgar’s testimony, liberated from pornography and masturbation thanks to the french therapy Coeur Hackeur. Edgar, 33yrs old, was accompanied by Tanguy for 5 months. He was addicted to masturbating and to pornography, and had been so since his adolescence. How it began During adolescence,


Will marriage resolve my pornography addiction?

Will marriage resolve my pornography addiction? Is marriage compatible with pornography addiction? Have you ever asked yourself this question?  You have a girlfriend (boyfriend) and it’s getting serious; you’ve decided you’re going to marry them, both of you have said “yes”! It’s planned to take place this year. In the picture you’re painting, all is


How do I break the habit of masturbation?

How do I break the habit of masturbation ? This is a question we only ask when we find ourselves in this situation. Here is some concrete advice, whether you are a Christian or not. Prayer, patience and perseverance. As soon as you start fighting this battle, know that God rejoices in your desire for


How to channel sexual desire: 7 decisions to make

How to channel sexual desire: 7 decisions to make Nicolas* explains how he took 7 decisions, to put things in place in his life, and to channel his sexual desire. Don’t deny your sexual desire, but channel it into a life project you have. “Sexual desire can sometimes be extremely invasive, especially in a deeply


What is Chastity?

What is Chastity? We might sometimes ask whether “chastity” is a term still in use, or a virtue which is less and less present today… But we should understand it’s meaning and how it can be beautiful to experience. Does it still exist? If you asked a young person of today what the virtue of


Does masturbation make you deaf?

Does masturbation make you deaf? In previous generations, they tended to scaremonger rather than explain. A knock-on effect of this is, those who encourage masturbation today, try to guilt trip those who want to control their bodies, making it seem out-dated. The whole thing is a minefield. Every other day we come across articles aiming