Does masturbation make you deaf?

Does masturbation make you deaf?

In previous generations, they tended to scaremonger rather than explain. A knock-on effect of this is, those who encourage masturbation today, try to guilt trip those who want to control their bodies, making it seem out-dated. The whole thing is a minefield.

Every other day we come across articles aiming to get rid of old-fashioned fears concerning masturbation. Explaining how experiencing pleasure alone is the best way to know your body and the best way of preparing for and accomplishing a satisfying sexual relationship. It even promises to enhance sexual maturity as a teenager.

Under the guidance of self-proclaimed professionals, and using arguments which are far less scientific, a new sense of what’s “moral” gets sketched out. Those for whom masturbation is a turning in on yourself, something which cannot make you happy, are now seen as neurotic and afraid of the body, retrogressive because they still believe masturbation is bad for your health, and puritan because they see sin where an innocent and beneficial pleasure is being satisfied. Isn’t pleasure the same thing whether or not we get it from ourselves or from someone else? Isn’t life stressful enough already without denying ourselves the relaxation of this simple pleasure? What’s wrong with making use of what nature, if not God, so generously offers us? What is this sad morality which walks away from joy? One of the zero-risk pleasures in life, and the Church forbids it. They’re doing it deliberately right? It’s masochistic.

True sexuality…?

Do these arguments manage to make you feel guilty and ashamed of your seemingly obscure principles and beliefs? Because the very people who criticise Christian morality (which is in fact natural morality) of guilt tripping people, turn it around and instil feelings of guilt and fear in those who don’t agree with them. Asking questions like, are you really a balanced person if you control your body so strictly? Are you normal? Are you capable of having a fulfilling sex life?

If you think sexuality is not just the simple functioning of organs like any other bodily organs, you must be Catholic because the Church is the only one left encouraging a sexual morality which is not only to do with bodily health. You’re sensible enough to see that yes, masturbation makes us deaf. Promoters of masturbation can’t hear the simple truth that sex is not made to used as a way to isolate ourselves, but is made for loving communion. And you’re logical in recognising with humility that where your body has gotten the better of you, the mercy of God will save you from all guilt and fear.

So, does masturbation make us deaf? Yes, at least those who promote it!

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Source: extract from an article by Sophie Lutz for ‘Famille chrétienne’, in 2013.

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