Masturbation, what’s the problem?

Masturbation, what’s the problem? Last night, Văn Sinh N. left us this message on the contact page of SOSPorn: “Help me overcome masturbation. Thank you so much.” We can clearly see through this example: a man asking for help… What is masturbation ? Masturbation is the solitary pursuit of sexual pleasure through arousal of genital


Is masturbation harmful?

We often hear that masturbation is good for the human body, but certain people say it’s harmful, so what’s the truth? Reconditioned stimulus Despite what numerous contemporary sexologists are saying, everything points to masturbation being detrimental for men, just as for women, and now it’s even been proven scientifically. If you’ve ever followed a psychology


What’s wrong with masturbation?

What’s wrong with masturbation? Masturbation, is it bad? What’s wrong with doing it? Isn’t it getting rid of temptations without dragging anyone else into sin? Masturbation doesn’t “get rid of” temptations, any more than prostitution does. Both provide a temporary satisfaction of sexual desires; but our objective as Christians is not simply to eliminate lust,


How do I break the habit of masturbation?

How do I break the habit of masturbation ? This is a question we only ask when we find ourselves in this situation. Here is some concrete advice, whether you are a Christian or not. Prayer, patience and perseverance. As soon as you start fighting this battle, know that God rejoices in your desire for


Hom to stop masturbating? 8 ways to break out of it!

Stop masturbating? If you are already in the habit of it, you’re probably finding it pretty hard to stop: addiction can take hold very quickly! You may even think that you can’t live without it anymore, which is absolutely false. So, here are a few words of advice to help you break out*: Avoid over-dramatizing


Porn and masturbation, the same battle?

Porn and masturbation, are they the same battle? How can we wage this war? Here’s a little piece on the subject, submitted by Xavier.   Pornography and masturbation both function on the same principle as drugs. You’re obliged, little by little, to increase the strength of the doses in order to obtain the same effect