Masturbation, what’s the problem?

Masturbation, what’s the problem? Last night, Văn Sinh N. left us this message on the contact page of SOSPorn: “Help me overcome masturbation. Thank you so much.” We can clearly see through this example: a man asking for help… What is masturbation ? Masturbation is the solitary pursuit of sexual pleasure through arousal of genital


How can I get rid of porn images in my mind?

How can I get rid of porn images in my mind? If you are obessed by pornographic images in your mind you can pray the deliverance prayer for the intercession of Carlo Acutis. Just recite it over and over again with all your heart. If you are obessed by a person who has sent you


“Christ delivered me from my pornography addiction”

Trapped in a pornography addiction, Mary-Magdalene was suffering, until the day she opened her Bible and cried out to God to deliver her from it. Testimony. For my whole childhood I followed my parents to Mass, and their activities with the Church. It was at high school, with friends I’d known since primary school, that


“It’s possible to stop using porn”

Possible to stop using porn? Marcelin*, 27yrs old, gave this testimony to us directly. He managed to break out of a ten-year pornography addiction thanks to the program Free to Love. « It’s possible to stop » I think what we’re all waiting for, us, the people marked by the red iron of addiction to


Porn and masturbation, the same battle?

Porn and masturbation, are they the same battle? How can we wage this war? Here’s a little piece on the subject, submitted by Xavier.   Pornography and masturbation both function on the same principle as drugs. You’re obliged, little by little, to increase the strength of the doses in order to obtain the same effect


How does porn effect society ?

How does porn effect society ? In May 1989, the Pontifical Council for Social Communication (Vatican) had already issued warnings to the media concerning the effect of porn – dangers which are today much better recognised and understood. Taken from a document which aims to “illustrate the most serious effects pornography and violence have on


What’s wrong with looking at pornography?

What’s wrong with looking at pornography? Question: “What’s wrong with looking at pornography? It’s not like you are getting a girl pregnant or spreading STDs”. Answer. “The problem with using porn is that it emasculates men, degrades women, destroys marriages, and offends the Lord”. You may be thinking: “That’s going a little overboard, don’t you


What does pornography do to marriages? 

What does pornography do to marriages? * To be blunt, pornography is the perfect way to shoot your future marriage in the head. Imagine that a young man has a habit of using pornography, and he does not reveal this to his fiancée. He hopes that once he is married, the desires for illicit sexual


Porn: What’s the problem?

Porn: What’s the problem? Here’s Christopher West’s answer, taken from his book The Good News About Sex and Marriage. Pornography is attractive. Pornography attracts. Denying this reality, or not taking it into account, doesn’t change anything. On the contrary, we must ask why. Why is pornography so attractive? How is it that it reaches our


Ten pitfalls of porn

Ten pitfalls of porn: oups! Did you know? Porn has at least ten traps extremely difficult to get out of… a good reason to watch out for them, to avoid falling in! Porn creates a “culture” of base sex and impulse. It’s a flourishing commerce, multiplying itself to infinity via today’s access to the internet