Is porn true sexuality?

Have you smiled today? What if true sexuality wasn’t porn but a unifying relationship which makes you happy? Good question. What is Porn?  Pornography is “the brutal representation of manifestations of a sexual nature, with the deliberate intention of provoking sexual excitement in a destined audience”. Sexual excitement is just a fragment of our sexuality.


Watching porn, what does it do to you?

Watching porn, what does it do to you? Watching porn, pornographic pictures or porn videos, distorts your vision and renders you incapable of having a normal relationship, with neither men nor women. It destroys love. In fact, surreptitiously, through watching porn day after day, we start considering woman or man as an object for consumption,


Addiction to porn, sign of pschological distress?

Addiction to porn, sign of pschological distress? Addiction to pornography or to masturbating regularly, even if your partner seems to ignore it, has an effect on the trust within a relationship. Shame, breaking the rules, or sinning, the subject is taboo. How can we address it differently? How do we talk about it, in all


Dos porn make it harder to meet people?

Dos porn make it harder to meet people? Porn doesn’t completely block an encounter with someone else, but it does lower the chances of a having a sincere exchange. Here, we’ll explain why. Porn is time-consuming Porn use is aimed at producing the pleasure to satisfy urges which are more often than not the result


What does pornography do to women?

What does pornography do to women? * Since it trains men to think of women as objects to be used instead of persons to be loved, guys speak of them as objects and treat them as objects. One longtime producer in the porn industry admitted “My whole reason for being in this industry is to

Prière de délivrance

“Jesus delivered me from porn”

Delivered from porn !?? From a very young age I resorted to masturbation, my thoughts were orientated towards sex and it even stopped me from concentrating at school. It grew to take enormous proportions, the older I got. During adolescence, I read a book written by Billy Graham, addressing the problems encountered in youth, and


Ran Gavrieli: “Why I stopped watching porn”

Why I stopped watching porn… and how, in doing so, I stopped contributing to the ugly sex industry. Speech given at a TED event in Jaffa by Ran Gavrieli, a speaker specializing in “safe sex” topics. Viewed over 21 million times on Youtube! Beware, he does not go into detail and some of his words