Offering to listen is an act of love

We are ready to listen to you!

Listening to you and talking together? We, the volunteers, often get asked why we offer to speak directly with you. The answer is simple: every person is worthy of being listened to, understood, helped, encouraged.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re loved. Maybe you even blame yourself; you don’t think you’re worthy of love or attention, or fellowship or simply-speaking, a relationship with anyone anymore.

However, there is someone who loves you more than anything, who has desired you to be, since eternity. He knows the number of hairs on your head, he has written your name on the palm of his hand.

His name is God. Yes, I know, you’re going to say that maybe you don’t believe in him. But it doesn’t matter: at the very least, we are here for you, in a visible way, here at SOSPorn.org, to listen to you. It’s as simple as that.

We care of you!

If we are here, it’s because we are interested in you. We have compassion for you, whatever difficulties or suffering you are going through. It’s our role as Christians: never to make you feel guilty, but to listen, which comes back, in a way, to loving you.

We want to reach out to you. Not asking for anything in return. We don’t expect anything from you other than a simple dialogue, equal to equal. Human being to human being. To talk together. Perhaps finding the right words to describe the pain in your life. Because if you don’t talk to us, how can we listen?

And then, and only then. And only if you want to, we suggest turning towards Him, whom you might not believe in but who did however send us to you, here on this Internet page. It’s plain to see. And maybe it’ll give you some peace, who knows? In any case, it won’t cost you anything to try: dare to have this experience with us!

What is there to stop you from talking about your problems with someone who cares? Come and talk to us through the chat (anonymous and free listening service) :

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