“I feel guilty, how do I break the cycle of guilt?”

“I feel guilty, how do I break the cycle of guilt?” Being imprisoned in pornography can lead us to feel guilty, we are torn between the immediate artificial pleasure brought by looking at pictures, and the awkwardness of a broken chord somewhere, feeling that something is being damaged within us. We would like to give


Addiction to porn, sign of pschological distress?

Addiction to porn, sign of pschological distress? Addiction to pornography or to masturbating regularly, even if your partner seems to ignore it, has an effect on the trust within a relationship. Shame, breaking the rules, or sinning, the subject is taboo. How can we address it differently? How do we talk about it, in all


Dos porn make it harder to meet people?

Dos porn make it harder to meet people? Porn doesn’t completely block an encounter with someone else, but it does lower the chances of a having a sincere exchange. Here, we’ll explain why. Porn is time-consuming Porn use is aimed at producing the pleasure to satisfy urges which are more often than not the result


Masturbation, what’s the problem?

Masturbation, what’s the problem? Last night, Văn Sinh N. left us this message on the contact page of SOSPorn: “Help me overcome masturbation. Thank you so much.” We can clearly see through this example: a man asking for help… What is masturbation ? Masturbation is the solitary pursuit of sexual pleasure through arousal of genital


What is Chastity?

What is Chastity? We might sometimes ask whether “chastity” is a term still in use, or a virtue which is less and less present today… But we should understand it’s meaning and how it can be beautiful to experience. Does it still exist? If you asked a young person of today what the virtue of


Wich path of recovery from porn addiction?

Wich path of recovery from porn addiction? By Dr. Peter Kleponis, clinical psychotherapist*. You want to recover from a porn addiction? Let’s look at what does and doesn’t work: What Doesn’t Work Trying to overcome pornography use on your own Believing that praying more and being more religious will take it away Minimizing the problem,


“Christ delivered me from my pornography addiction”

Trapped in a pornography addiction, Mary-Magdalene was suffering, until the day she opened her Bible and cried out to God to deliver her from it. Testimony. For my whole childhood I followed my parents to Mass, and their activities with the Church. It was at high school, with friends I’d known since primary school, that


Hom to stop masturbating? 8 ways to break out of it!

Stop masturbating? If you are already in the habit of it, you’re probably finding it pretty hard to stop: addiction can take hold very quickly! You may even think that you can’t live without it anymore, which is absolutely false. So, here are a few words of advice to help you break out*: Avoid over-dramatizing


“It’s possible to stop using porn”

Possible to stop using porn? Marcelin*, 27yrs old, gave this testimony to us directly. He managed to break out of a ten-year pornography addiction thanks to the program Free to Love. « It’s possible to stop » I think what we’re all waiting for, us, the people marked by the red iron of addiction to