Prière de délivrance

“Jesus delivered me from porn”

Delivered from porn !?? From a very young age I resorted to masturbation, my thoughts were orientated towards sex and it even stopped me from concentrating at school. It grew to take enormous proportions, the older I got. During adolescence, I read a book written by Billy Graham, addressing the problems encountered in youth, and


Prayer for deliverance from porn addiction, what good can it do?

Prayer for deliverance from porn addiction, what good can it do? Some people may doubt in it: so prayer for deliverance from porn, does it really work? Prier pour être délivré du porno est efficace There really are people who exist, who have been healed from porn, through prayer: you’ll find numerous testimonies just like


Ten pitfalls of porn

Ten pitfalls of porn: oups! Did you know? Porn has at least ten traps extremely difficult to get out of… a good reason to watch out for them, to avoid falling in! Porn creates a “culture” of base sex and impulse. It’s a flourishing commerce, multiplying itself to infinity via today’s access to the internet


Getting out of porn? Some quick tips!

Getting out of porn? Some quick tips! You want to get out of porn ? Here are some quick and practical tips to quit your addiction ! 1. Talking about it. (it’s at least a start) Talk about it with one of your relatives, your friends or anyone who’s kind with you, who will not judge you


What is porn?

What is porn? Good question! “The people are more easily enslaved with pornography, than with watchtowers” – Alexandre Soljenitsyne The word pornography comes from the Greek words pornê: prostitute and graphein: describe. Up until a century ago, pornography was limited to describing sexual encounters with prostitutes. This has almost nothing in common with what we


“I was a porn addict, prayer healed me!”

Etienne gives his amazing testimony, healed from pornography addiction… through a prayer! I fell into the torments of pornography during adolescence. One day, rifling through my parents’ stuff, I found pornography and erotic magazines. These images had a weird effect on me: I was shocked by them but they excited my curiosity, they provided material


When pope Francis spoke to the youth about Carlo

When pope Francis spoke to the youth about Carlo In March 2019, in a long letter addressed to the youth (2), the Pope mentions Carlo at three different points, before he’d even officially been made a Blessed! Here Francis speaks about the “empty pleasure” the internet offers us: I remind you of the good news


Offering to listen is an act of love

We are ready to listen to you! Listening to you and talking together? We, the volunteers, often get asked why we offer to speak directly with you. The answer is simple: every person is worthy of being listened to, understood, helped, encouraged. Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re loved. Maybe you even blame yourself; you


Ran Gavrieli: “Why I stopped watching porn”

Why I stopped watching porn… and how, in doing so, I stopped contributing to the ugly sex industry. Speech given at a TED event in Jaffa by Ran Gavrieli, a speaker specializing in “safe sex” topics. Viewed over 21 million times on Youtube! Beware, he does not go into detail and some of his words