How do I break the habit of masturbation?

How do I break the habit of masturbation ? This is a question we only ask when we find ourselves in this situation. Here is some concrete advice, whether you are a Christian or not. Prayer, patience and perseverance. As soon as you start fighting this battle, know that God rejoices in your desire for


How to channel sexual desire: 7 decisions to make

How to channel sexual desire: 7 decisions to make Nicolas* explains how he took 7 decisions, to put things in place in his life, and to channel his sexual desire. Don’t deny your sexual desire, but channel it into a life project you have. “Sexual desire can sometimes be extremely invasive, especially in a deeply


What is Chastity?

What is Chastity? We might sometimes ask whether “chastity” is a term still in use, or a virtue which is less and less present today… But we should understand it’s meaning and how it can be beautiful to experience. Does it still exist? If you asked a young person of today what the virtue of


Does masturbation make you deaf?

Does masturbation make you deaf? In previous generations, they tended to scaremonger rather than explain. A knock-on effect of this is, those who encourage masturbation today, try to guilt trip those who want to control their bodies, making it seem out-dated. The whole thing is a minefield. Every other day we come across articles aiming


Is counseling a must for the porn addict?

Is counseling a must for the porn addict? Question I found out my husband was addicted to porn 3 years into our marriage – 13 years ago. He went to counseling, we went to counseling, he went to SA, I went to Sanon – He acted out off and on and struggled on his own.

Carlo Acutis's mother

Carlo Acutis’s mother sends you a message!

A delegation of our association Lights in the Dark, went to Assisi for the beatification of Carlo Acutis. A meeting was planned with his mother, but what was not foreseen was that she proposed to deliver a video message to you! Discover Carlo Acutis’s mother message.   Carlo Acutis’s mother message : The problem is


What does the Catholic Church say about pornography?

Article by Dr. Peter C. Kleponis*, first published with the title Pornography and the Catholic Church, on Theporneffect.com. The church has much to say about pornography. This is because porn injures the dignity of everyone involved – producers and consumers.  Sexuality is a wonderful gift from God! It is meant to be shared by a


What are the consequences of porn on your health ?

The consequences of porn on your health… both mental and physical We can’t lie to ourselves: the consequences of porn on our mental and physical health are both numerous and serious…   1. Loss of sexual performancee According to neurobiologist Jean-Didier Vincent, author of The Devil and the Flesh (1) consumption of pornographic pictures produces


Wich path of recovery from porn addiction?

Wich path of recovery from porn addiction? By Dr. Peter Kleponis, clinical psychotherapist*. You want to recover from a porn addiction? Let’s look at what does and doesn’t work: What Doesn’t Work Trying to overcome pornography use on your own Believing that praying more and being more religious will take it away Minimizing the problem,


“Christ delivered me from my pornography addiction”

Trapped in a pornography addiction, Mary-Magdalene was suffering, until the day she opened her Bible and cried out to God to deliver her from it. Testimony. For my whole childhood I followed my parents to Mass, and their activities with the Church. It was at high school, with friends I’d known since primary school, that